About Us

Chiara Lighting is an international provider of integral LED lighting solutions, focusing on architectural products for new build and retrofit applications. Ergonomics, economic efficiency, and environmental compatibility are key drivers within our product strategies. Our foundation was cast by people in the lighting industry and built on the profound knowledge and understanding of architecturally attractive product design, lighting and its effect on people.

Whether products are used for subtle accents, seamlessly integrated into building fabric or bold statements within an architectural space, our in-house product innovation team are continually enhancing the range of luminaires. We strive to ensure that each product we offer continues to inspire and perform at the highest levels.

Products are designed and developed to appeal to architectural, interior and lighting designers alike. Based on simple design philosophies: simple, subtle and sensual, Chiara Lighting designs products that are not only functional but products that are pleasing to the eye.

Since its inception, Chiara Lighting has succeeded in providing desirable, aesthetically and technically innovative products that are supported with superior service quality. As an architectural lighting market leader, we provide product for an array of professional building lighting applications and spaces.

We work extensively with partners, both internal and external to our business, that share our vision and passion for lighting, that strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of their business and provide tangible value addition to products and services.

Located in Manchester, the heart of Northern England, our team actively services customers within the UK and overseas. Within the UK, we work with supply partners to provide managed regional distributorship to ensure consistent service to customers and add value to our product partners. Product specific sample cases and supporting literature are issued as standard with all Chiara Lighting products to facilitate sale and specification generation. We operate through the same mechanism with our overseas supply partners to provide international access to our product range. Our overseas partners ensure consistency of service and support for clients through an office and time zone that’s local to clients within each region, ensuring consistency of service around the globe.

We believe Quality of Light Brings Quality in Life.

With a focus on efficiency and quality of light produced, our vision is to provide creative, stimulating products of inspiration that support the rhythm of a given space in harmony with its interior and architectural elements. The creation of such products heightens the experience and interaction between the intricacies of light and building architecture.