Quality Management Systems

As an active member if the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) we have implemented the LIA Quality Assurance (LIAQA) scheme. This ensures and demonstrates that all legislative and regulatory requirements specific to the lighting industry are adhered to and provides a robust quality solution that works in conjunction with ISO9001.

This includes but is not limited to the following key requirements:

  • Safety (LVD, GPSD)
  • EMC
  • ERP (EcoDesign)
  • Energy labelling
  • Chemicals (RoHS, REACH)
  • Waste (WEEE)

In combination with our existing Quality Management System (QMS), beliefs and everyday norms, this allows us to consistently deliver a quality of product and service to our direct customers, indirect customers and internally to our family of colleagues. In no order of priority, our key management principles include the engagement of people and relationship management, leadership with a focus on our customers, production of accurate records and evidence with an agreed process orientated approach to all works and a goal to ensure that these are improved on a continual basis.



Quality Component Partners

Energy efficiency is an integral requirement for all products within our range and is inherent in everything we do. Every Chiara Lighting integrated LED luminaire is designed and manufactured using high-quality, high-power LED semiconductors to ensure consistency of output and performance across the range.

The use of leading industry product partners for all components ensures delivery of a product that satisfies technical and aesthetical project requirements with drivers delivered for all switching and dimming formats from Tridonic as standard.

Through the use of components from these leading technology providers, our products benefit from industry leading performance and efficiency developments, delivered with 5-year global warranties*.

Tridonic Inside


Technical and Performance

Colour temperature 2700K (Super Warm White)
  3000K (Warm White)
  4000K (Neutral White)
Luminous efficacy operating 3000K: up to 153lm/W*
  4000K: up to 159lm/W*
Colour deviation <2 SDCM and <3 SDCM
Colour rendition index 2700K Ra>80
  2700K Ra>90
  3000K Ra>80
  3000K Ra>90
  4000K Ra>80
  4000K Ra>90
Lumen maintenance (“rated life”) 50,000 hours (L80/F10)


Ingress Protection Rating

All luminaires are provided with a minimum IP20 Ingress Protection (IP) rating, with standard IP44, IP54 and IP65 options as may be required for interior applications. However, all LEDPro products are provided with a minimum of IP33 due to the nature of the products use and application. As cove lighting is generally used in an inverted orientation (with an upwards direction of illumination), an IP20 LED can be exposed to dust and debris coming to rest on the chip and cause discolouration and potential overheating of individual LED semiconductors. To combat this and ensure our products are protected against such issues, all LEDPro products are provided with a transparent protective layer to provide a minimum rating of IP33. For applications requiring higher IP ratings, LEDPro is available with an Ingress Protection of up to IP67 as part of our standard range.



Colour Consistency

Standard Deviation of Colour Matching (SDCM) values of < 2 or < 3 are delivered as standard based on product and application requirements. These are the highest standards that are currently achievable within the lighting industry and are adhered to so as to ensure consistency of colour as perceived by the human eye.

SDCM Ellipses


Colour Rendering

To ensure that colours within environments are shown as authentically as possible (as though illuminated with ideal or natural light), products are available with colour rendering options of CRI > 90 and CRI > 80. A Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of greater than 90, the highest achievable index within the lighting industry, is required for specific applications where colour is of significant importance, such as the food industry. Retailers, restaurants and kitchens require accurate colour rendering illumination (CRI > 90) which is available as a standard within our range, with all products delivered to CRI > 80 as a minimum.

CRI Image


Functional Life

The advent of LED technology within the lighting industry has provided an enormous opportunity for the development of high-efficiency luminaires that provides clients, end users and operators with significant operational cost savings based on their efficiency and operational life. As an integrated LED luminaire manufacturer, all products are designed and specified to ensure an operating life of 50,000 hours to ensure clients obtain the full benefit available from this technology, based on L80/B10 performance.

L80B10 Pie Chart


Glare and Photometric Data

The Unified Glare Rating (UGR) for each product is provided to present visibility of the typical UGR value resulting from the installation of each luminaire within a given space. Psychological direct glare is an inherent by-product from all luminaires. With a focus on delivering the benefits of the ever-evolving LED technology without compromising the comfort of the user, we actively pursue the reduction and elimination of all offending peripheral glare through detailed product design and testing regimes.

Photometric data is made available online for all Chiara Lighting products to demonstrate the performance and allow accurate calculation of lighting levels for each product within the range.



Safety and Certification

Our provision for continuous measurable added value results in the development of a product that surpasses the highest standards of quality. These are delivered through an uncompromised ISO 9001:2008 quality management system that has been implemented and refined across all elements of the business to benefit employees, customers and channel partners. Products are delivered in compliance with European and Global product directives. They carry the CE mark as part of our declaration of conformity with these directives and the European Norms Electrical Certification requirements. All products are double insulated as standard and comply with Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) requirements as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission.



Tool Free Electrical Installation

All products are delivered with tool-free pluggable electrical connections for ease of installation and maintenance, should it be required. Each pre-terminated cable and connector assembly is protected against exposure of live terminals at the connector with an insulated jacket and provides protection against potential damage during installation.


Retrofit LEDs

Refurbishing offices, public spaces, hotels and residences with integrated LED luminaires is becoming more and more commonplace, and rightly so. LED luminaires that are designed and manufactured specifically to ensure that they provide sufficient heat dissipation, using LED semiconductors with colour consistency, colour rendering and light output levels that are suitable for such applications and provide a better quality of light within the space as well as the added benefit of using less energy which reduces operating costs. The refurbishment market has however led to the arrival of retrofit LED replacement lamps.

Why not simply replace light sources by retrofitting such replacement LED lamps?

Replacing all light sources quickly and easily with retrofit LED replacement lamps on a one-for-one basis is a huge temptation. However, current commercially available models are unable to cope with the demands of producing sufficient quality light at the required colour temperatures. They can also suffer from poor colour consistency and colour rendering in the more commercially aggressive versions in the pursuit of further cost reductions at the expense of product quality. Not only that, the luminaires are not tested post installation of the retrofit lamp which poses significant safety risks and have been known in some cases to cause a fire.

Dimming issues are present in almost all applications where these lamps are labelled as dimmable, but with no detail on the specific ballasts and dimmers that are required to achieve the dimming function, with nonecompatible dimmers causing the lamps to flicker at what should be dimmed lighting levels.

Chiara Lighting is forward thinking and constantly investing in providing flexibility and choice of including LED replacement lamps within certain ranges, a choice open to the specifier or end client as a pre-tested, quality product with demonstrated photometric performance. If replacement LED lamps were to be used, we would only recommend the use of a certified quality product. Unqualified retrofitting of any luminaire is strongly not recommended.

Photometric Quality

Because of the physical size restrictions, a retrofit LED does not and cannot be used to produce a light output that is genuinely equivalent in all aspects to the lamp it is replacing or an integrated LED luminaire as it is unable to dissipate the heat generated in doing so. The original intended light levels and distribution are therefore altered. Colour rendering is not always in conformity with relevant standards and higher colour temperatures, up to 6000K, are used to maximise output levels in applications, which would previously have used 3000K.

Technical Safety

Electrical safety standards are not met. Because the lamp and luminaire are not tested in combination, marks of conformity are no longer valid and the warranty is void. High temperatures shorten the service life of the lamp in the luminaire. Electrical compatibility can cause integration issues and electrical overheating in ceiling may lead to potential safety risks.